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Chandigarh University joins hand with Indian Red Cross to offer First Aid Training Program


Target to impart training to 1000 students

More than 1.5 lacs every year are at risk in India due to lack of training and skills in providing First Aid to the needy persons and half of them die to non-availability of any first aid treatment on time. Taking the mission to save precious lives, Chandigarh University has joined hands with Indian Red Cross to offer First Training Program to university students. Chandigarh University has kept a target to train more than 1000 student volunteers in the first year of the training program itself.

The program was launched by Avinash Rai Khanna, National Vice-President, BJP and Vice-Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society. The first batch comprising of 60 students will be trained by experts of Punjab Red Cross Society at the University campus. Punjab Red Cross Society Secretary P.C.Talwar, Chancellor CU Satnam Singh Sandhu and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. R.S.Bawa was also present on the occasion.  The student volunteers of Chandigarh University also collected a sum of Rs. 50,000 which they handed over to Mr. Avinash Rai Khanna, Vice-Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society. 

While talking to the student volunteers, he said, “The importance of First Aid Trained Personal is ample as it can save precious human lives which are lost due to delay in getting treatment”. It is a contribution towards society by the youth that they can help the people in distress which is a unique learning experience in itself that they will never forget, he added.