"Commercialization has caused severe damage to Indian Literature” 
Dr. Surjit Pattar

“Teaching of literature along with professional learning can boost the all-round development of a student and Universities can provide a unique inter-disciplinary approach in today’s era” said Dr. Surjeet Pattar. The highly decorated Punjabi writer and poet, Padam Shree awardee Dr. Surjeet Pattar was speaking during the inauguration ceremony of National Literature Fest-2016 “Abhivyakti” at the campus of Chandigarh University. A panel discussion on “Indian Literature in the era of Commercialization” was organized on the sidelines of the 2-day Literary Fest which was attended by noted writers, poets and other personalities from Television & Theatre. Dr. Surjeet, eminent writer and Professor from Punjabi University, Dr. Jagbir Rathee, noted writer and poet from Haryana, Dr. Gagandeep Sharma, eminent writer from Delhi, Mr. Suresh Albela, noted stand-up comedian, Mr. Baldev Singh Dhaliwal, eminent writer and poet from Punjab and Mr. Parvesh Chandel, youth writer from Himchal Pardesh took part in the panel discussion.

Noted Punjabi Writer and Poet Dr. Surjeet Pattar inaugurating the National Literature Fest Abhivyakti-2016 at Chandigarh University.

While addressing the students during the panel discussion, Dr. Surjeet Pattar said “During independence literature written by noted writers was responsible for awakening of masses and hundreds of them were ready for sacrifice but with time the modern day literature which is highly under the influence of commercialization, it is driving youth towards suicides”. Commercialization has engraved big loss in the field of Literature as the youth is totally cut-off from their roots and the social media has added to this problem added Dr. Pattar. “English literature is more famous in comparison to literature available in other regional languages as the entire technology gadgets support them and the youth has become addicted to such technology” said Dr. Surjeet Singh.

Chandigarh University Chancellor Satnam Singh Sandhu honoring noted Punjabi Writer and Poet Dr. Surjeet Pattar at Chandigarh University.

“Literature should mould itself as per the changing aspiration of youth and it should take their problems which would encourage them in re-connecting to habbit of reading which has been lost” said Dr. Jagbir Rathee. The students with literature interest are in demand by the corporate world during placements as new ideas would be flowing to their mind only is the youth is connected with the literature along with their history, added Dr. Gagandeep Sharma.

Panel of experts during the inauguration ceremony of National Literature Fest Abhivyakti-2016 at Chandigarh University.

Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor Chandigarh University announced opening of a special Institution at University campus that will offer courses in Literature, Music, Theatre and other performing arts from 2016. “Not only new students but also students from other streams like Engineering, Management would be offered open-elective courses in the new institution” added Sandhu. More than 500 students from all across India are participating during the 2-day National Literary Fest in which more than 15 competitions are being organized in the field of Music, Theatre, Poetry, Debate and Literature Competitions.