CU International Folklore Festival 2018 concludes with Message of Global Peace and Integrity

The week long CU International Folklore Festival concluded today at the campus of Chandigarh University Gharuan with a global message to spread peace and harmony among nations. Folk artists from 22 countries which included Germany, Russia, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, Croatia, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Singapore participated during the week long International Folklore Festival which was being organized to mark World Tourism Week by the students of Hotel Management and Tourism at Chandigarh University.

On the concluding day of the event, artists from Ukraine dressed up in the traditional Punjabi Attire and performed Gidha which they learned from the CU Giddha team during their stay at University. “We are fascinated by the heart welcoming nature of people of Punjab and we wanted to learn their traditional dance which is full of energy” said Olena the lead dancer from Ukraine. Artists from Poland who performed on the concluding day, Jakub and Szymon said, “We have received lot of love from India and as an artist we feel that we don’t belong to one country”.

In an emotional address on the closing day, the folk dance troop from Germany lead from Franziska Volpert, “Dance and Music bring nations closer and provide the prefect platform where cultural & traditional exchanges can be made possible through artists travelling from one country to another”.