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India’s 1st Virtusa Centre-of-Excellence (BOT Lab) at the campus of Chandigarh University


“Robots and Automation will not result in job cuts but will create new jobs unheard of today” says Director, Virtusa Corporation

 Virtusa Corporation & Automation Anywhere establishes India’s first Centre-of-Excellence in the field of Robotics and Automation

US Information Technology Services Company, Virtusa Corporation along with Automation Anywhere a software development company leading the Robotic Process Automation space has established India’s 1st Virtusa Centre-of-Excellence (BOT Lab) at the campus of Chandigarh University, Gharuan. Engineering students of Computer Science and Information Technology would be offered value addition certification program that will help in preparing the next generation of automation professionals for the global IT Industry.
While inaugurating the Virtusa-Centre-of-Excellence, Chakradhar Reddy Kayam, Director, RPA-Virtusa said, “It’s for the first time in India that two of the Industry Leaders in the field of Robotics & Automation have come on a platform to collaborate with a University to offer training & certification in the emerging field of AI and Machine Learning which happens to be future of the global IT Industry”. During their visit to University Campus, team members from Virtusa Corporation along with Automation Anywhere interacted with the engineering students and apprised them about the growing job opportunities in the field of AI and Machine Learning.
“AI and Machine Learning is the next big thing in the field of Computer Science and it will add a whole new dimension how technology is helping mankind in doing the tasks with perfection and taking less time” said Chakradhar. While bursting the myth that Automation and Robotics would lead to job cuts, Reddy said, “Robots will be co-workers for human beings and will generate new jobs that requires different skill set which are not in practice today”.
“We have designed a specialized learning module of six months which students would be undergoing along with their regular course curriculum in which they will learn from basic level of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and go up-to advanced level during which they will be given chance to work on real time live projects, said Arvind Thothadri, Vice-President, Automation Anywhere.  The Centre-of-Excellence would be managed by the Chandigarh University faculty who have completed the Professional Trainers Program in RPA and would undertake training of first batch of 240 students in its first year.
Chakradhar Reddy Kayam, Director, RPA-Virtusa announced that “Virtusa would offer jobs to the RPA certified students during campus placements 2019 and this will be one of the benefit for the students of Chandigarh University” .

Dr. R.S.Bawa, Vice-Chancellor, Chandigarh University commented, “Chandigarh University’s association with Virtusa and Automation Anywhere is a win-win situation for Industry as well as students. One of the biggest challenges faced by companies while recruiting new hires is lack of exposure and Virtusa Centre-of-Excellence will equip the engineering students with latest technology know-how in the file of Robotics and Automation.

“According to a report by NASSCOM, it is estimated that 2.2 million new generation jobs would be generated in the field of AI and Machine Learning by 2025 and the students have to be prepared with required skills and it is where this futuristic training program by Virtusa and Automation Anywhere would help the engineering students at Chandigarh University to undergo real time training on the emerging technologies by the Industry Experts that will boost their career” added D P Singh, Executive Vice-President, Chandigarh University.