Indi-pop & Punjabi Singers enthralls audience

The campus of Chandigarh University today witness international cultural diversity during the Fresher Party AAGHAZ-2019. University students from 29 Indian states and 36 Countries took part in various cultural events organized during the event which marked the welcome of new batch 2019. Multi-cultural and Indo-Western performances enthralled the audience and the University campus vibrated with music, dance and laughter. The musical extravaganza was witnessed for the whole day where CU students from Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, Africa and Indian states performed to foot-tapping numbers showcasing the vibrant fusion color of Indian & International culture.

International students from Bhutan performed the traditional folk dance Cham Dance which marked the beginning of AAGHAAZ-2019 which was followed by Ghatu Nritya a tribal community dance performed by Nepali students. Students from Assam performed the traditional folk dance Bihu while students from Rajasthan performed Zhoomer. The western group performances by Salsa Art and Hip-Hop Managers managed to spell-bound the audience while the performances by Malwai Giddha Group and Track Bhangra presented the Punjabi culture of the show that made the audience dance to the foot-tapping numbers. Many scintillating items included Bihari folk dance Maithili was presented by the students added flavor to the occasion, while the Nepali-Bhutan fusion dance managed the audience to dance to the foot-tapping numbers.

The students of Chandigarh University presented a Walk The Ramp fashion show in which the participants showcased their talent by displaying the vibrant and different cultures of the world.  Bollywood actors Karan Deol and Sahher Bambba performed live along with Indo-pop singer Aastha Gill and Rapper Faizalpuria.