“One sided Electronic Media campaign have negative impact on minds of citizens of both India & Pakistan” says Ishaq Chaudhary, Vice President Rawalpindi-Islamabad Journalist Union

Delegation of Pakistani Journalists advocates for Peace Process between India & Pakistan

“We have shared enough hatred, now it’s time to spread peace and media play proactive role in this” says Farida Hafeez

Delegation of Journalists from Pakistan at the campus of Chandigarh University during their participation in International Seminar on “Role of Media in Promoting Peace in South Asia”.

Projecting the biased role played by media, Mohd. Ishaq Chaudhary, Vice President Rawalpindi-Islamabad Journalist Union said, “Due to one sided electronic media campaign these analysts and speakers have a negative impact on the minds of ordinary citizens- thus increasing extremism and isolation among the residents of two main countries in South Asia”. Mr. Ishaq Chaudhary was speaking during the inaugural ceremony of the 2-day international seminar on “Role of Media in promoting peace in South Asia” at Chandigarh University Campus. He further said, the visit of delegation during such a crucial time when tension persist between the two countries is very important as it will help media in understanding the pulse of nation & hence can go a long way in projecting the public sentiments which can be conveyed to respective governments of both nation.

Delegation of Journalists from Pakistan being traditionally welcomed at Chandigarh University on the occasion of International Seminar on “Role of Media in Promoting Peace in South Asia”.

Free-lancer journalist from Pakistan Farida Hafeez said, “Although there have been many peace talks between the two nations but there has been lack of true intentions in finding the solutions to the grey areas but there is still a hope that someday a permanent solution will definitely be obtained and the two nations will end all the negativity that has prolonged for many years”. She further said, “We have shared enough hatred, now it’s time to spread the message of love and peace. Media should play proactive role in developing alternate slogans”.

Dr. Harish Khare, Editor in chief The Tribune and Ex media advisor former of PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Vinod Sharma Political Editor Hindustan Times, Prem Singh Chandumajra Member Parliament along with senior journalists representing leading newspapers and electronic media were present during the First day of the International Seminar. Students of University Institute of Media Studies (UIMS) of Chandigarh University along with students and faculty from other universities of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh took part in the deliberation of thoughts among the renowned media personalities from India and Pakistan.

While delivering the keynote address on the occasion, Editor in chief The Tribune Harish Khare said “Although he is skeptical about journalists’ role in promoting peace as it is the job of politicians but still media can contribute in promoting social harmony by clearing out the misunderstandings and making ways for public access across the border”. “Media, on both sides, can at best be a dodgy partner in pursuit of promoting peace among the two nations.” Khare added. The editor stated his view that neither India nor Pakistan media can achieve or bring peace unless the two countries reach a ‘live and let live understanding’.

“Encouraging people to people contact will help establish peace and harmony between two nations such as India and Pakistan who otherwise share estranged and hostile relationship” said Mr. Chanchal Manohar Singh Chairman, Society for Promotion of Peace. He further said “The visit of delegation from Pakistan consisting of senior journalists is an effort by media on both the sides to know each other better”.

While highlighting the role of media, Prem Singh Chandumajra, MP from Punjab said “Media can play a constructive as well destructive role where it has the option to either ignite the issue or encourage everyone to put the burning issues in cold ice”. When we talk about peace, it not only about Indian and Pakistan – it encompasses the whole world and Media should feel the responsibility in establishing peace and strive towards maintaining a positive temperament, he added.
Dr. B S Sohi, Pro Vice Chancellor Chandigarh University welcome the delegation from Pakistan and termed the hosting of International seminar a great opportunity for the students of Mass Communication to understand the Media ethics followed at International level.