Mobile App to avert Fire Incidents in Spaceships developed by CU Students

 NASA Space App Challenge 2018 concludes at Chandigarh University

Team of Computer Science Engineering Students form Chandigarh University comprising of Ankur, Ritik, Dhananjay, Abhinandan and Gaurav have won 1st position in the NASA Space App Challenge 2018. The NASA Space App Challenge 2018 in which teams from 50 universities and colleges participated concluded today with the award ceremony. The Chandigarh University students have developed an android based mobile app to detect fire incidence on the space ship that causes grave danger to the astronauts. Team from UIET, Chandigarh bagged 2nd position while team from CGC Landran won 3rd position in the App Challenge.


While giving details about the App developed by the CU students, Ritik said “The world has witnessed 7 major accidents in the history of space exploration which has resulted into loss of precious lives of astronauts”. This motivated us to develop an android based mobile application which works on the principle that is used in the application to record human fever and hence it will be helpful to check the change in temperature readings of the space ship which will alert the astronauts to take necessary action on time and avert any tragedy, he added.

The team from UIET headed by Vrinda had developed a mobile based application that can be used by the satellite to detect floods, storms and send an alert to the space station on time which can be useful in saving lives during such natural calamities.

The team from CGC Landran had developed a warning system which can help in raising alarm in case of forest fire and hence can be utilized by Forest department to save wildlife and hence save flora and flora as much as possible.

Dr Satbir Sehgal, director Engineering, Chandigarh University gave cash prizes along with certificates of Appreciation to the winning teams during a glittering ceremony at Chandigarh University campus.