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Technologies using AI & Machine Learning to help prevent depression & suicidal tendency


Technologies using AI & Machine Learning to help prevent depression & suicidal tendency

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can play decisive role in Health Care sector: says Tanmay Bakshi

Artificial Intelligence is not Machine Learning and can never replace Human beings from the society. Using technology for the benefit of mankind, AI & Machine Learning can be used to help mankind in combating the growing health issues such as depression and suicides,  by knowing the exact cause among the patients ” said the Youngest IBM Watson Programmer and the Artificial Intelligence expert Tanmay Bakshi during his Keynote address at Tech Talk Organised at Chandigarh University campus. “Machine Language is here to augment us and it already has its impact everywhere in the world be it Health Care, Education or Business Analytics” he further added.

Citing passion for coding at the age of 5 to be inherited from his father  who himself is a IT professional, Tanmay said, “Initially I took coding as a fun activity but slowly I enjoyed to work on algorithm designing to find solutions to the complex problems  that lead to the feat of becoming the youngest programmer of the world”. He further added that “Computers did not have the capability to understand unstructured information given to them as input and this is where introduction of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has an edge over them especially in this world of Social Media. With an aim to inspire 100 thousand innovative coders to decode their talent in this world of Artificial Intelligence Tanmay has already helped 9800 such coders to make their dream come true.

“Currently I am working on neural algorithms than can identify brainwaves and understand what BU (the disabled girl from Toronto) is trying to say. We are trying to read massive amounts of EEG data and analyse it using a mobile device” Bakshi said when asked about his newest innovation.

Tanmay Bakshi towards the end of his address amazed the students by showcasing them a live demonstration on Cognitive Programming by displaying various results of relaxation and distraction of human mind on his smart phone through a motion controlled headset attached to the forehead of one of his accomplice.  Currently undergoing a research project in agriculture through Custom Machine Algorithm and Reinforcement Learning, he depicted his entire journey of being a global coding and programming sensation

“The rapid advancements in Technology need to be utilized for the progress of society and the students at Chandigarh University  is always devoted to impart relevant knowledge to its students and enables them to get first-hand experience on such novel innovations “ said S. Satnam Singh Sandhu , Honorable Chancellor , Chandigarh University.