On the occasion of 153rd Swami Vivekanand birth anniversary which is celebrated as National Youth Day in India, Chandigarh University Gharuan became epicenter to hold National Youth Summit “EVOKE-2016” which enlightened on the important topic “Social Media Dialogue- The Roadmap from Chaos to Consensus”. Eminent personalities from different spheres like Politics, Industry, Media, Sports, Entrepreneur, and Bureaucracy ponder upon the topic and shared their views with the university students. Youth Parliamentarian & Gen Secy, BCCI, Mr. Anurag Thakur, SSP Chandigarh, Mr. Sukhchain Singh (IPS), New York based Fashion Designer, Ms. Sanjana Jon, Senior News Anchor, Ms. Navjyot Randhawa, Social Activist Ms. Shreya Singhal and Senior Editor, Mr. Jyoti Kamal participated in the 5th edition of the National Youth Summit “EVOKE-2016”.

While addressing the gathering during National Youth Summit, Anurag Thakur said “The youth forms 80% of the user population on social media globally and it is through this medium that youth actually gets involved into issues which are of National interest”. Although India is all set to become The Youngest Nation by 2020 with more than 62% of its total population below the age group of 40 but with this opportunity comes great responsibility on the Youth of the country as they have to shoulder the big challenges faced by our country, added Thakur. While highlighting the positive usage of Social Media, Mr. Anurag Thakur said “The success of Khoya-Paya a dgital initiative taken by Modi Government to track missing children all over the country can be clearly credited to social media”. More than 70,000 children are reported missing from all across India every year and the missing child digital initiative taken has resulted in tracking of such cases where police has been able to solve such cases with the help of social media, added Anurag Thakur.



Citing successful usage of social media by police to crack criminal cases, Mr. Sukhchain Gill, SSP Chandigarh said that “There has been a complete re-vamping and transparency in the style of working of investigating agencies like police to help general public as now we are able to connect directly with our citizens with the help of Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media platforms”. While talking about the misuse of the on-line medium, SSP added that “Although there has been increase in number of cases which involved economic fraudulent practices due to increased use of online money transfer and transactions but still it is with the help of social media only that we are able to bring culprits to justice”.

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Sanjna Jon a fashion designer said “On-line media has provided ample opportunities to start new ventures and it has helped to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth”. Social activist, Shriya Singhal stressed on the need to make “Social Media should be even more stronger as it has become a platform where even a person from general public can garner mass support for his/her cause”. “The content to be published on-line needs to be thoroughly screened by Media before being put in public domain and the contemporary media which includes television, newspapers should be able to verify the facts that are being up-dated regularly by the social media” said Mr. Jyoti Kamal, Senior Editor, TV 18 & Ms. Navjyot Randhawa, Senior News Anchor.