Introducing Chandigarh University Institute of Distance and Online Learning

Distance and Online learning can be a lifeline for those having obstacles, which can be either be geographical, social or economic. People across the globe face this issue where they cannot make it to the campus for studying because of numerous reasons. With rapid growth in each sector, the demand for quality and higher educational qualifications is growing as well. Many a time, even working professionals need to higher their qualification in order to stay in competition, promotion or better inputs. However, the possibility of those working professionals studying a complete course on campus is very rare, which is why distance and open learning has become the need of time.

To initiate with, due to the modernization of education and video-conferencing, mobile devices becoming widespread, online opportunities like remote jobs and online degrees are in demand as well. In view of this, Chandigarh University, with the help of blended technology and resources, has undertaken an initiative of imparting quality education to the learners remote in place or time from the teachers or the teaching institution. Chandigarh University has advanced into the field of distance education with the introduction of CU-IDOL, Chandigarh University Institute of Distance & Online Learning.

Chandigarh University Institute of Distance & Online Learning, CU-IDOL aims to deliver world-class, industry relevant education regardless of a learner’s location. With CU-IDOL, Chandigarh University is offering an emphatic distance learning program which has a lot to offer. Unlike many other distance education programs, CU-IDOL has been designed to cater to the needs of student-centric quality education, with the help of technology and modern methods. In order to make learning easier and useful, CULMS, Learning Management System has been introduced which would keep the learner just a click away from their curriculum, virtual classrooms, interactive sessions, faculties, etc. The CU LMS avails the learner with flexibility to plan their studies as per their own convenience.

Furthermore, there are numerous other reasons signifying the need of undertaking distance education and why one should choose Chandigarh University’s distance and online learning programme. As mentioned earlier, CU IDOL is a student-centric programme. The programmes offered in CU’s distance education are at par with programmes on campus, unlike most of the institutions and universities. Considering the factors responsible for students being unable to join a regular course, many miss out on key and important aspects through distance and open learning. However, with the motive of overcoming this barrier, CU IDOL would grant open access to free-of-cost online study material, designed after contemplating real-time inputs from industry and academic experts.

In addition, the course curriculum for CU IDOL is globally adaptable and industry relevant, adding to the value of degree. The placement support being provided by the university would also help bolster the career of students performing well. In consideration of providing learners with personal touch and keeping them connected to the university, access to various campus events, be it curricular, extra-curricular, would be availed for overall benefits. Moreover, along with providing affordable and high-quality education, numerous workshops, seminars and webinars are also organized to enhance course-related and knowledge level of the students beyond the curriculum. Also, students can interact with the tutors via online chat sessions, webinars, etc. organized every week for assistance and to clear the doubts.

Chandigarh University, India’s youngest private university to be accredited with A+ grade by the NAAC, is one of the pioneers in modern and student-centric education in the country. With UGC-approved CU IDOL, the varsity has attempted to widen the scope of imparting quality education. Applications for the courses offered via CU-IDOL are now being accepted. Affordable fee structures, student-centric education, efficient mentoring, placement support are some of the many reasons to be a part of CU’s Distance and Online Learning programme.