State Governments are not investing enough in Judiciary:  Justice KG Balakrishnan Former Chief Justice of India

State governments are not investing enough in the judiciary, as a result, the cases are piling up in lower courts said, Justice KG Balakrishnan, Former Chief Justice of India

He was speaking during the student interaction on Constitutional Law of India at Chandigarh University Gharuan Campus while interacting with the budding law professionals of university institutes of legal studies at Chandigarh University. Justice Balakrishnan said Civil Society plays a crucial role in the judiciary system of western countries which is missing in India. While responding to a question about his judgment to scrap NARCO analysis, Justice Bala Krishanna said, “The accused person on whom the NARCO test is to perform is under the influence of Sodium Pentathole which results in a state of unconsciousness and hence his or her testimony can’t be treated as substantial evidence.”

He feels that trial of any criminal case should be finished within a fixed time span of 2 years but, it is due to the laxity of the investigating agencies such as Police who are unable to provide enough evidence or complete the investigation on time, which results in delay of Justice, delivered to the aggrieved party.

While reacting on the government’s action on striking down the Supreme Court’s ruling in certain cases. Justice Bala Krishnan said the Government has no authority to change the Supreme Court ruling by making any new laws and it’s a serious threat to the Indian Judicial System.