International Experts from 15 countries and 25 universities takes part in IFDP-2019

Canadian Consulate General Mia Yen inaugurates the event

 More than 40 Academic experts, professors, research scholars from 15 countries and 25 universities are taking part in the 5-day International Faculty Development Program 2019. Consul General based in Consulate General of Canada at Chandigarh, Mia Yen inaugurated IFDP-2019 at University Campus. While addressing the gathering, the Canadian Consulate General said, “Educational Institutions of any country have a very important role to play in the economic development of a nation and it is, therefore, it is in the mutual interest of both the countries that the universities of India and Canada need to come together of common platform to have academic tie-ups with each other”.

“Canada has always welcomed immigrants from all parts of the world and has given multiculturalism a preference as the country considers it as one its strength and this year Canadian Government has set a target to invite 3.3 lakh immigrants in 2019 to the country,” said, Mia Yen.

Mia further added, “Apart from being the two big democracies of World, Canada and India share Social, Economical and Cultural ties which are growing stronger every year”. In the year 2018-19, the number of students from India studying at Canada has surpassed China and have touched whopping 2 lakhs which accounts for 30% of the total foreign national students studying in Canada, she added.

The experts from the field of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Management, Media Studies, Law, Bio-Technology, Architecture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Hotel Management took part during the IFDP-2019