“Technology is here to make our processes simple”  

says KS Bakshi – Group Head – HR,InterGlobe Enterprises.

“Although the technology has created an impact on the hiring process of the multi-nationals making its simpler & transparent yet most of the companies stick to the basics of the recruitment process” said K.S.Bakshi, Group, Head HR, InterGlobe Enterprises(IndiGo). Mr. Bakshi is also a member of the Corporate Advisory Board of Chandigarh University  where he participates in the process of defining the future role of University in cohesion with the changing demands of the Industry. During his visit to the University, Mr. Bakshi participated in an interactive session with the students of Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

InterGlobe also known as Indigo is the market leader in the Indian Aviation Industry with stake of 41% in the domestic air travelers category.   While talking about the level of education and infrastructure at Chandigarh University, Mr. Bakshi said, “It’s my 5th visit to the campus and I appreciate the management, faculty as well as students for the love and affection which pulls people like us from Industry despite of so many constraints”. With every year passing by, the quality of education and infrastructure is continuously improving and is matching to the global standards.” he added.

In an extended talk with the students he divulged into the details about the company, “We have an in-house training facility for the new talent joining us where the pool of 100 faculty members work 24 hours a day to impart skills such as soft skills that are required in the competitive aviation industry”. The high standard maintained by our staff has resulted in the exponential growth of our company.

While advising the students of Hotel Management and Tourism, Mr. Bakshi said, “As a fresher in travel and tourism industry a student needs to focus more on the soft skills along with the functional skills to influence others because that is something which can help them at their workplace”.In the Professional life journey is a continuous learning process where individuals has to possess different skill set that may build them as the future leaders of the corporate world who are either leading the business houses or operations of top companies. ” said Mr. KS Bakshi