“Most of the Indian universities emphasizes on imparting theoretical knowledge only to the students which results in producing large number of engineers, graduates who despite having a degree don’t possess the necessary skills which are required to be employable said” , Varun Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CTO, Aspiring Minds. He was speaking during the symposium on “Leading Science and Technology: India Next?”   Organized at Chandigarh University Campus. While interacting with the students Varun said,” World witness many revolutions which included industrial revolution, internet revolution, smartphone revolution and AI revolution and India has missed the opportunity every time to match the global pace of development, As a result the brightest of Indian minds have always been attracted by western countries like USA, Japan and UK where they are doing exceptionally well in the field of scientific research and development”.

Industry experts, academicians, research scholars and students participated in the symposium which focused on improving employability in the domain of science & technology in India. While addressing the audience Varun added that “Industry is not looking for experts but they are in search for talent who possesses three basic skills which includes Domain knowledge with clarity in basic concepts, language communication and hands on practical exposure on open ended technologies & programming languages”.

Varun Agrawal advised the Indian universities to replicate western academic model where universities focus on local industry ecosystem to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Indian universities keep their focus on big Multinationals whereas universities in western countries also engage the local industries where students are encouraged to do their internships that would enable them to get practical exposure and hands on experience, Varun added. While giving his views on job prospects in India in 2018, Varun said,” students need to be more competitive and well versed with their domain knowledge as the job prospects for 2018 are not very encouraging, including in the IT industry”. There will be an overall slowdown in the job market and hence students need to possess value addition and multiple skills in order to secure a job with good package in a multinational.

Varun Agrawal, Co-Founder and CTO, Aspiring Minds released his book” Leading Science and Technology” on the occasion.

“Universities in India have to understand their important intermediator role between industry as an employer and student as an employee” said Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University. In order to improve the employability percentage in India, Universities have to play an active role by taking real time feedback from the industry about their HR requirements and then prepare our academic learning model for the students, he added. Chandigarh University is taking assistance from companies like Aspiring Minds which is one of the world’s leading assessment companies that helps organizations, governments and institutions measure and identify talent to prepare the next generation of professionals that can fit into the challenging and competitive corporate environment, Sandhu said