Yet Another Girl Makes India Proud on Global Platform

Journey of a girl from being an architect student to the youngest millionaire of India and then Miss Asia Tourism India 2018

“I used to commute in an Autorikshaw  2.5 years to and back  to my University while I was studying Architecture at Chandigarh University,” said Miss Asia Tourism Universe 2018 cum the youngest millionaire of India, Tanya Mittal, an alumna of Chandigarh University while addressing the students during a talk series “How I made it” at Chandigarh University. “How I MADE IT” is an attempt where students will get a chance to meet the Indian Youth Icons who will narrate their success stories and motivate them to dream & achieve big in their personal & professional lives. Youth Icons who have not only got fame for themselves but have also contributed to the society through their work and brought laurels for the country. Tanya Mittal featured in the first edition of the talk series “How I Made It” where she discussed her journey from a University Student to Young & Successful Entrepreneur and then to being Miss Asia Tourism Universe.

While talking about her entrepreneurial venture, Handmade Love, which was initiated on Instagram, 22 year old Tanya Mittal said, “I had no money, no machinery, and no support when I felt like initiating Handmade Love but I had big dreams in my eyes, dreams of doing something immense in my life, making people smile and making my parents proud. So I decided to make handicrafts on my own and sell them online sitting back at my bedroom”. This was one of her innate ideas out of 13k ideas which each mind come across every single day. Soon she initiated her venture which turned out to be an instant hit and she finally became a self-made entrepreneur and the youngest millionaire of India. Currently her skills include more than 55 crafts and she has more than 1.5 lakh customers all over the world. “I aspire to become the next Ambani”, says Tanya with a broad smile on her face and deep faith in herself. While sharing her past experience at the University she said that Chandigarh University is a fine University which offers diversity in culture. “I may not suggest you to make many friends. I had no friends during my university days but look at me today, I have lakhs of customers and they all are my friends because 5 years from now you may not have these friends supporting you. But, people will start asking you about the progress you made in your life” She inspired the students and encouraged them to realize their importance by focusing on the positives rather than cursing the bad. Her YouTube videos and soon-to-be-published books are on the same inspirational lines.


After her successful business plan, she decided to try her hand in the beauty contests. Hurdles were still standing tall in her path and this time she was rejected for being overweight. She worked hard to lose 11kg weight to compete in such contests. Her hardwork paid her a great success and luck didn’t leave her and she was crowned the Rubaru Miss India Elite Beautiful Smile in July 2018. Her determination for participating in Miss Tourism Asia Universe 2018 was another attempt which she took with confidence on a path to experiment her talents. The beauty pageant Miss Tourism Asia 2018 conducted by Miss Tourism Organization in Lebanon had national representatives of 31 countries. With a count of 100/100, the Indian Diva hailing from Gwalior was crowned with the title of Miss Asia Tourism Universe 2018. When asked about her plans for stepping into Bollywood she clearly abandoned the thought and moved to the next answer.

“I was never a cool person and nor I wanted to be one. Today, I feel that the students who are generally silent and not-so-cool hides back and do their own stuff. That is what exactly which I did too!” added a mother of 2 adopted children and an entrepreneur, Tanya. Yes, you heard it right; she has sponsored education and health care for two children. Her social works include her NGO, Bliss foundation which supports the unprivileged across India. “Their blessings are what matters to me,” says Tanya with much gratitude on her face.

The girl at a budding age expressed a strong connection with wisdom and blessings. “Go meet people, participate in competitions, count your blessings, grab knowledge from wherever possible, fail and learn from your mistakes, be consistent and confident and make sure that you don’t waste your time”, Tanya shared some truly inspirational and realistic ideas with the students.