National Youth Summit at CU Campus

 Technology has empowered youth but they should develop wisdom to use it says youth leader Raghav Chadha

Chandigarh University organizes National Youth Summit “EVOKE-2021” on the eve of National Youth Day

“We can rightly term Gen-Z as Technology Generation as we have been surrounded by modern day’s gadgets and social media which gives us an illusion of making our lives easier” says young politician Raghav Chadha. National Spokesperson of AAP and MLA from Delhi, Raghav Chadha was speaking during the panel discussion organized by Chandigarh University. The panel discussion was organized on the eve of National Youth Day which is celebrated in India to mark the birth anniversary of philosopher and social reformer Swami Vivekananda. Eminent and youth panelists from different fields of politics, film & entertainment industry, entrepreneur, literature, and social work took part in the national youth summit and deliberated on the topic “Gen Z: The Changemakers of New India”.

 While participating in the discussion, Raghav Chadha said, “Although technology has empowered today’s youth with knowledge and freedom of speech but they should also develop the wisdom to use it for their own advantage and for the betterment of society”. The young politician laid emphasis that educated youth from diversified fields should join politics and contribute towards nation building by utilizing their knowledge and experience. Raghav further added that, “India has the biggest asset of being the youngest nation with more than 65 percentage of the total population less than 35 years of age while on the other hand our nation has one of the lowest number of youth in parliament which currently accounts for 12% of the total strength of Member Parliament”.

International motivational speaker and young author, Priya Kumar said, “Technology in the form social-media offers both positive and negative aspects to today’s youth. On one hand it offers an open platform to reach-out to millions of people while on the other hand it opens-up a whole new pandora of problems like mis-information, being trolled and curtailing of personal space”. While delivering his thoughts on the topic, social activist from Dehradun, Anurag Chauhan said, “We have seen the true power of social media during lockdown where various digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter were used to reach-out to people and garner support for the needy people”. During the current pandemic situation we all understood that there is a new way of helping others known as Digital Help where one can offer support without being physically present with the support of technology, Anurag added.  

Pollywood actress Nikeet Dhillon said, “Technology or social media provides an archive or a connection to our roots, traditions and rituals. Today’s Youth is exposed to different cultures which makes them a symbol or protagonist of national integrity”. Speaking on the occasion, youth filmmaker from Punjab, Harry Bhatti said, “Digital media platforms opens-up new opportunity to promote one’s creativity and work which might helps you in being a successful artist or a professional in your domain, but it is important to understand the rules and boundaries to harness the positive aspects of technology. We have to understand that technology is for our usage but what we see today is that technology is using us and making us its slave”.    

Youth model and entrepreneur, Mia Lakra said, “Online platforms throws-up new challenges like excessive competition which increases the pressure & stress to perform best in every situation but it also offers many positive aspects like sharing of ideas, multiplication of efforts to find solutions to the current problems and understanding the pros & cons of every opportunity”.