Chandigarh University becomes first University of India to have record number of 312 International Tie-ups with foreign universities

Chandigarh University with its commitment to provide international academic exposure, quality education, innovation, Joint Research Programs, Faculty Exchange Programs, academic projects, conferences, and a lot more has signed MOUs with 312 universities across the globe. Under the International Academic Alliance Program, Chandigarh University has established partnership with leading universities of 68 countries including Universities from USA, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, SAARC countries. Chandigarh University has become the first university of the country to achieve this milestone.

While giving details about the MOUs and its advantages, Dr. R.S Bawa, Pro-Chancellor, Chandigarh University, said, "The University has signed MoU with top ranked universities of the world such as Canada, U.K, U.S.A, Australia etc. in a bid to provide international academic exposure, offer research opportunities and internships to its students." When the pandemic had sent the world into a lockdown, Chandigarh University with its commitment to provide the best resources and constantly expanding its global outlook has signed MoUs with more than 68 countries, stated Dr. R.S Bawa. He further adds, "Out of 312 universities of countries like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, and New Zealand, 104 universities are with QS ranked varsities while 115 universities are with Times ranking." Academic agreements have been signed with 13 leading universities from the UK, 17 from Russia, 11 from New Zealand, and 10 from France; it paves the way for the development of student's exchanges, student's internship, and new faculty research endeavors between the universities and MOUs with various foreign universities benefit the students and faculty from both sides, stated Dr.R.S Bawa.

Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University, said, "With these MOUs, Chandigarh University aims to strengthen its objective to share knowledge and learning-based resources and fulfilling its commitment to examining student exchanges, curriculum development as well as teaching and research partnerships." The tie-ups with the foreign universities will also open up opportunities for the partner universities students to pursue their education at Chandigarh University in various fields of higher education, he added. Mr. Sandhu further said, "University is giving special priority to establish academic agreements with international institutes for the exchange of education to enable the students to get employment at the international level."