569 Schools and 132 Principals honored during first FAP State Awards 2021 at Chandigarh University

Governor of Haryana honors the Best Private Schools of Punjab during FAP State Awards 2021 at Chandigarh University

Noted Punjabi Writer & Poet Dr. Surjit Patar and ECO Baba Seechewal honored with Lifetime Achievement Award during FAP State Awards 2021 

569 Schools and 132 Principals honored during first FAP State Awards 2021 at Chandigarh University

To recognize the contribution made by private schools of Punjab in the field of imparting quality education to the youth, Federation of Private School & Association of Punjab today hosted the FAP State Awards 2021 which is first-of-its kind ceremony to honor the schools of private sector. The award ceremony was hosted at the campus of Chandigarh University Gharuan which was presided by Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, Governor of Haryana. The other dignitaries present on the occasion included Justice Mahesh Grover, former Judge, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University, Balbir Singh Seechewal, Social Worker & Environmentalist,  Dr. Surjit Singh Patar, Noted Punjabi Writer and Poet, Dr. Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal, Global Ambassador of World Cancer Care,  Vivek Atray, Former IAS, Motivational TEDx Speaker, Dr. Inderjit Kaur, President, All India Pingalwara Society, Amritsar.  FAP President, Dr. Jagjit Singh, President, Federation of Private Schools and Associations of Punjab announced the winners of FAP State Awards 2021 in the various categories.

Governor Bandaru Dattatreya gave awards in the School with the Best Infrastructure which included Gurukul Grover Crenza, Senior Secondary School, Patran , Patiala, Dream Public School, Ramgarh Sikri, Talwara, Hoshiarpur, Premjot Public Senior Secondary School Kapurthala, Dayanand Aadarsh Vidyala Hoshiarpur, Angel World School, Morinda. The other awards in the 8 different categories of Schools and Dynamic Principal Awards were given by Justice Mahesh Grover, former Judge, Punjab and Haryana High Court and  Dr. Surjit Singh Patar, Noted Punjabi Writer and Poet. 

During the inaugural address Governor of Haryana, Bandaru Dattatreya said, “Teachers are idol and mentors not only for their students but for the entire society. With education comes knowledge and with knowledge comes the asset of power. Wealth in the form of money is mortal but the wealth of knowledge is immortal as it remains with the human being till he/she dies”.  Governor Haryana Dattatreya termed the teachers as the catalyst of change who has the ability to convert raw talent into furnished professionals of tomorrow. 

Shri Bandaru Dattatreya termed the implementation of New Education Policy announced by the Government of India as the major reform in the Indian history and it has the capability to turn the fortunes for the country. Dattatreya further added that, “The New Education Policy(NEP) focuses on employment generation, value-based education, imparting moral education and encourage the use of technology to enhance employability skills of the Indian youth” . NEP ensures the power of education should reach to the poorest of poor. Governor appealed to the teachers to play their important and required role in the successful implementation of NEP throughout the country.

Governor Dattatreya further said, “Employment generation for the youth is the biggest challenge today and education is the only tool through which the problem of unemployment and poverty can be tackled”. Governor Haryana applauded the efforts and role played by the teachers during COVID-19 pandemic as they did not let the education of the millions of students suffer. The Governor said the teachers of India quickly adopted to the new environment of Digital Education and the Online Education was able to cover 99% of the students during lockdown. He further added that, “Teachers of India have turned the biggest challenge poised by COVID-19 pandemic into the biggest opportunity for the country to take leadership in Online Education”. 

While applauding the contribution of State of Punjab in Nation Development, Governor Dattatreya said “Punjab is a progressive state in every field including education. It is among the top state which has Quality infrastructure, high enrolment of students at every level of education especially at school level. The people of Punjab have strong confidence and determination towards Nation Building and Punjab is the most pivotal state in the country”.

Dr. Jagjit Singh Dhuri, President FAP said, “FAP State Awards 2021 is first of its kind attempt to recognize the efforts, quality standard of education that is being maintained by private schools of Punjab. Private Schools of Punjab are contributing 55% of employment in the school education and more than 5 lac jobs are being provided directly and in-directly to the youth of Punjab”. Jagjit Singh Dhuri further said, “Federation of Associations of Punjab had received more than 7000 applications in various categories which included School with Best Infrastructure, School with Best Sports Facilities, Best Eco-friendly School”.   While giving details about the awards Dr. Jagjit Singh Dhuri said, 76 schools were conferred in the Best School in Eco friendly category, 42 Schools were conferred in the Clean and Hygienic Environment category, 34 Schools were awarded in the best sports facilities category, 10 schools were awarded in best digital facility category , 196 schools were conferred in best infrastructure category, 132 Principals of the state were conferred with dynamic principal awards , 58 schools were awarded in academic performance category, 42 schools were awarded in Best School with Innovative teaching Practices category, 109 schools were conferred in Budget friendly and maximum facilities category while 2 schools were conferred in best school with facilities for students with special needs”.

Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University while speaking during the award ceremony said, “The contribution made by the private schools in improving the overall scenario of school education in the state of Punjab is immense and cannot be undermined. Although private schools in Punjab accounts for 31 percent of the total schools in Punjab but the private schools caters to 54 percent of the total enrolment of the students up to higher secondary in the state”. Satnam Singh Sandhu Further 54 percent of the total teachers employed at school level are in the private sectors schools and private schools are the biggest employment providers for the female in Punjab. Recently the state of Punjab has topped in the school education performance grade index released by the Government of India in 2021 and the private schools have played a pivotal role in improving the level of education”.