1340 get prosthetic hands at ‘Ek Haath Aasha Ka’ camp at Chandigarh University

‘Ek Haath Aasha Ka’ camp: 1340 get free-of-cost prosthetic hands

1340 get prosthetic hands at ‘Ek Haath Aasha Ka’ camp at Chandigarh University, Gharuan

Rotary Club Chandigarh Central organises free of cost LN-4 prosthetic hand distribution camp

A Prosthetic Organ Distribution Camp was organised by Rotary Club Chandigarh Central in association with Chandigarh University, Gharuan in which as many as 1340 needy persons were given LN-4 type prosthetic hands, free of cost over the course of four days. As many as 304 students from the National Service Scheme wing of the varsity took on the various responsibilities from medical check up to fitment of the organs, thus playing a pivotal role in the camp, which was organised under the banner ‘Ek Haath Aasha Ka’ at the University campus.

A team of 20 experienced doctors flew down from different parts of the country for the camp, during which besides fitting the limbs, the beneficiaries were provided comprehensive training on the usage of prosthetic arm by a team of 22 trainers, even as a team of 32 counsellors helped the beneficiaries in allaying their fears and overwhelming emotions.

President of Rotary Club Chandigarh Central, Ashish Midha, and former President Rajinder Singh Cheema along with other senior members of the Rotary Club Chandigarh Central and Rotary Club Poona Downtown were present in the camp, even as Mohan Kumar, Global LN-4 Brand Ambassador, Tangience Foundation, USA also visited the camp and interacted with the beneficiaries.

Giving information about the free camp, Ashish Midha, President of Rotary Club Chandigarh Central, said that this is the first-of-its-kind and first-at-its-scale prosthetic hands distribution camp organised in the entire north India.

“In this camp, people with disabilities from many states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and even Maharashtra have been provided with LN-4 type prosthetic hands, free of cost. We fitted prosthetic hands to as many as 1340 people in this camp, while around 400 people will be provided custom-made extenders in the next such camp, which we are hoping to organise early next year,” Midha said. 

Informing that these prosthetic hands have been manufactured by the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, America while keeping in mind the convenience of the beneficiaries, Midha said, “The LN-4 hands are attached easily with velcro straps, and can be worn or removed in a few seconds. The hand is only 400 grams in weight and can support around 4.5 kgs of weight,” he said.

“These people who lost their hands in an accident or amputated their hands due to medical treatment or who are differently-abled by birth have been provided a new lease of life with these prosthetic hands. They will help the wearer to perform important daily activities such as holding objects, combing, cooking, farming, driving etc, thus restoring a new self confidence in them,” he said, adding that no fee has been charged from the beneficiaries for these prosthetic limbs. 

Midha thanked the doctors, trainers and counsellors for their contribution, along with over 500 volunteers, which included 304 from NSS, 160 from different departments of University and 60 volunteers associated with the Rotary Club for making this camp a huge success.

Chandigarh University congratulated all the stakeholders for the success of this camp and said that it will continue to support such noble causes.

“We, at Chandigarh University, always believe in making our students socially active and responsible, along with academics. In this endeavour, we keep on doing activities such as this camp as a part of their curriculum and learning process,” the University spokesperson said.