Chandigarh University with 703 patents becomes the Highest Patent filing Indian University

 Chandigarh University with 703 patents becomes the Highest Patent filing Indian University in 2021-22

Chandigarh University is working robustly for making India a self-reliant & self-sufficient nation in Science & Technology: Satnam Singh Sandhu, CU Chancellor

Chandigarh University rises to First position in filing highest number of patents in 2022 from Top 3 Universities in previous year

With a mission to project India as the hub of research and innovation, Chandigarh University Gharuan is working to develop new technologies and products by filing patents in emerging areas. ChandigarhUniversity has been ranked at the top with the highest number of 703 patents filed in a year. According to the recently released report for 2021-22 by the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trade Marks and Geographical Indications (CGPDTM), Government of India, Chandigarh University has maintained its position as the top research-intensive university of India. For the last three consecutive years, Chandigarh University Gharuan has been amongst the top three universities for filing highest number of patents in a year. The university has also ranked 3rd in India for filing most number of patents in the field of Information Technology (IT).

Contributing to about 1.05% of the research in the country, Chandigarh University has shared the first position with Sanskriti University for filing the highest number of patents in 2021-22. During this year, a total of 66440 patent applications have been filed in India, exhibiting an increase of about 13.57% as compared to the previous year. As per the statistics, the total filing of 23 IITs across the country is 597 patents whereas CU alone has filed 703 patents this year. Over the years, the students and faculty of Chandigarh University have filed a total of 2400 patents, out of which 1747 have been published. As of now, 72.79% of the patents filed by CU have been published already.

As per the latest report published by the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trade Marks and Geographical Indications (CGPDTM), Chandigarh University has filed 139 patents in Computer Science Engineering- IT and 84 patents in Manufacturing. In 2021-22, the university filed 81 patents in the field of Medical and Healthcare, 72 patents in Mechanical & Mechatronics, and 50 in Agriculture. In the field of IT, the university has ranked 3rd in the country for filing most patents whereas TCS is on the first position is in this category.

The increasing trend in filing of applications for patents by Chandigarh University has been observed in 2021-22 as compared to previous years, which has eventually boosted Punjab’s position in research at a national level. At present Punjab ranks 5th in patent filing among all the states in comparison to its prior ranks, i.e. 8th and 13th. According to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), India’s global position, both in innovations and publications, has been rising over the years. In 2022, India ranks at the 12th position globally for patent filing with an increase of 25% in comparison to the last year.

Speaking about the achievement of the university, Chandigarh University Chancellor Satnam Singh Sandhu said, “Universities and Institutions of Higher Education play a major role in shaping young minds and encouraging them to contribute in the field of research and innovation, which impacts the economic prosperity and global position of a nation. With 703 out of the total 66440 patents filed in 2021-22 by the universities across the country, Chandigarh University contributes to a major share of over 1% research and innovation in the country. The university is working robustly on a mission to make India self-reliant and self-sufficient in terms of research and innovation in various fields such as science, technology, and medicine. The university aims to make India rank amongst the top five nations in patent filing at a global level.”

Dr. Sanjeet Singh, Dean Research, CU, said, “The University has allocated an annual budget of Rs. 15 Crore for promoting enhanced research and innovation on the campus. Additionally, there are over 100 Core Research Groups (CRG) with more than 1500 students and faculty involved in the development of futuristic products and technologies.” Satnam Singh Sandhu also stated that Chandigarh University has more than 30 R & D Centres and Centres of Excellence on the campus for providing practical training for enhanced learning and research.