Course, Career & Job Opportunities in BioSciences


Bioscience is an important area of study as it reveals the facts and has taken us where we are today. All the other fields of study are dependent on the facts that are revealed by the studies that are carried out in field of biology.

Biosciences course incorporates a plethora of degree programs to study living things from ecosystems down to their molecular interactions, which have a significant impact on our daily lives. Biosciences, in the contemporary world, consolidate understanding and knowledge of life over a range of perspectives and scales. Developing skills to analyze and interpret experimental data, Biosciences courses focusses on drawing logical conclusions and asking sensible questions about areas of uncertainty and future research.

Course Overview:

Offer a wide range of basic sciences programs, the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Biosciences introduce you to the underlying principles of the field. Furthermore, the program also assists in developing a critical understanding of the subject, while also gaining expertise and skills for application.

The criteria of eligibility for Undergraduate (UG) courses requires the candidate to have scored 50% or more marks in their secondary Education (10+2) from a recognized Board in the country. On the other hand, Postgraduate (PG) courses require the student to have scored 50% or more marks in their Graduation from recognized University. As far as the Doctorate program is concerned, the aspirant needs to have a Master Degree in Pharmacy/Biology/ Sciences/Bio-technology or its relevant stream with minimum 55 percent marks in aggregate OR 5.5 CGPA (which would be measured on the 10 pointer scale) and a valid score in CU-Ph.D Entrance Test/GPAT/UGC/CSIR-NET with interview.

Biosciences at Chandigarh University:

Chandigarh University and department of UIS offer the most emphatic and quality higher education program in Biosciences in the state of Punjab. Aiming to disseminate fundamental & advanced scientific knowledge in the field and provide a platform for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, the department offers inspiring undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. research programs in the field. Some of key features that a Biosciences degree from Chandigarh University has to offer have been mentioned below:

·         The campus offers State-of-the-Art infrastructure and Laboratories to undertake practical in the diverse areas of the organic, inorganic and physical chemistry

·         Students are encouraged to publish research papers in their last semester in Peer Reviewed, Science Citation Indexed, SCOPUS and WoS indexed journals.

·         Advanced Teaching Aids have been instated for Lecture delivery like PPTs, Charts, Models, Animated Videos, Skype Lectures and more

·         Emphasis on nurturing skills beyond the classroom by organizing numerous activities

·         Highly competent faculty recognized nationally and internationally

Career & Scope in Biosciences:

Bioscience as a science helps human life in many ways. It helps in increasing production of food, combating diseases and also aids in protecting and conserving our environment. The progress in the biology field has resulted in elevating the living standard in the field of food and health. The Bioscience degree opens your pathway to diverse fields after graduation or post-graduation and some of them have been listed below:-

• Forensic scientist
• Science technician
• Plant scientist, or botanist
• Aquatic or zoo biologist
• Science museum curator or manager
• Genetic engineer
• Ecological economist
• Political adviser for government groups or nonprofits
• Science writer for TV programs, Online Portals, Websites, Magazines, newspapers, and more


Academic Pursuits – Scope & Opportunities

On the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Biosciences and its allied programs, the students have the option to pursue a Master’s degree further in their area of interest. Furthermore, any student wishing to pursue research and development in the country or abroad can advance for the Doctorate. The core subjects a student can pursue after their Bachelor’s degree have been mentioned below:

·         Master of Science (M.Sc.) – Chemistry

·         Master of Science (M.Sc.) – Botany

·         Master of Science (M.Sc.) – Zoology

·         Ph. D. in Chemistry


The hard work you put into your biology studies can pay off down the road on payday, though you may need to pursue a master's or Ph.D. to ascend the salary ladder to its highest rungs. Within the Department of Biological Sciences, the students pursuing Biology majors also have the chance to take part in world-level scientific researches which are being carried out across the globe. Apart from joining laboratories studying cancer, the students pursuing Biosciences may also be part of genetics, spinal cord injuries, food safety, viruses, brain development and many more.

Some of the higher-paying biology themed careers with a solid job outlook include, biochemists and biophysicists, biomedical engineers and natural sciences managers who manage the work of chemists, physicists and other biologists.

If you have considered all of the perks of opting biosciences and have decided that it is the career for you, your next step is to pursue sufficient education. We at Chandigarh University provide you a wide range of engineering education in an environment that pursues excellence and discovery. University Institute of Sciences (UIS), Chandigarh University was ranked 16th among the Top Engineering Institutes of India by The Outlook Magazine. Join Chandigarh University and emerge career ready by learning form the best minds and develop a learning experience and a career of immense quality.