Chandigarh University receives software donation worth $14,080,000 to boost Engineering programs


Chandigarh University receives software donation worth $14,080,000 to boost Engineering programs

With global exposure and industry patronage, Chandigarh University has consistently emphasized on enriching the learning experience of the students while also keeping them acquainted with the latest developments in the industry. The state-of-the-art campus at Chandigarh University has technology integrated into every area of the campus with Advanced Learning, International centers and much more already established at the Chandigarh University campus.

Having revolutionized the sector of higher education since inception, Chandigarh University has been earning accolades and recognitions with its performance. Apart from being one of the leading higher educational institutions in the country, the varsity is also recognized internationally. Chandigarh University has been laying a positive impact on higher education with its student-friendly environment and curriculum. The industry patronage along with industry-aligned curricula, foreign internships, record-holding Placement Drive, Semester exchange, Industry visits, Advanced Workshops, etc. helps a student enter the professional world with confidence.

Persistently emphasizing on Industry mentorship and training, Chandigarh University’s initiatives avail an aspirant with a gateway to meet their career objectives and gain in-depth knowledge of their theoretical curriculum while also giving them an opportunity to observe and gain firsthand experience of the industry, job execution and work environment. Thereby ensuring that you’re job ready when you graduate and are accustomed to the prevalent and latest developments in the professional world.

Continuing to incorporate means to foster industry learning and practical approach, Chandigarh University has received a donation of tNavigator software licenses from Rock Flow Dynamics to enrich the learning experience of Petroleum Engineering & allied streams students and boost the Engineering programs especially in the courses of Geology, Reservoir and Production Engineering with functional module Geology Designer, PVT Designer, VFP Designer, Network Designer, Simulation engines: Black oil, Compositional, Thermal compositional.

The Software License will assist Petroleum Engineering students in developing their skills and prepare a more trained and advanced workforce for the contemporary world and the future. Apart from embedding students with essential skills sets, experiences and knowledge, the software would also aid them in enhancing their ability to improve their creativity skills and shape their ideas.

RFD has granted free-of-charge 88 Single-User licenses valued at $14,080,000. The tNavigator, developed by Rock Flow Dynamics, is a high-performance tool for integrated static and dynamic modelling from reservoir to surface networks. tNavigator has been in development for 15 years, and releases 4 software updates per year.

The organization developing software for the Petroleum Industry, Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) offers a wide range of advanced innovative tools for reservoir engineering implemented in tNavigator – the dynamic reservoir simulator developed by the company. RFD is expanding quickly to keep up with a fast growing Oil & Gas service industry with a multidisciplinary team with 70 highly qualified professionals engaged in the development and support of the next generation of reservoir simulation software.

Furthermore, the industry-leading software, tNavigator is the first and only product on the market which dynamically combines a fully interactive 3D graphical user interface and a record breaking parallel supercomputing engine. With its core algorithms based on the latest scientific developments in the field, tNavigator provides the most efficient use of modern computing platforms. As a result, tNavigator provides superior performance and unparalleled user efficiency for reservoir engineers at the corporate reservoir simulation centers and in the field. The software donation from RFD would also assist Chandigarh University to undertake relevant research activities and to support the teaching receiving first-hand experience of industry-standard software.