Radio Punjab 90.0 interacts with successful career women of Punjab under Dhiyaan Punjab Diyan initiative

Radio Punjab 90.0, a community radio station of Chandigarh University Gharuan, organized a program " Dhiyan Punjab Diyan " dedicated to International Women's Day. Various eminent personalities from the field of Medical, Judiciary, Entertainment, and academics shared their views on women's rights and health.  Advocate Dr. Gitanjali Bali, Dermatologist, Dr. Vikram Lahoria, Miss. India-2021 First Runner-up Aarti Chhangra, and Dr.  Navneet Sidhu Psychologists from DSW Department, Chandigarh University participated in this program.

On this occasion Advocate, Dr. Gitanjali Bali shared her views on women's rights. Dr. Gitanjali Bali said, "We as a society have a moral duty to educate women about their legal rights".While  Dr. Shweta Gupta said, "Women always put their family first and neglect their own health, In such a situation, other members of the family should take care of the health of women". She further talked about female health issues like PCOD, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc.

Dermatologist, Dr. Vikram Lahoria spread awareness about skin cleansing and also dispelled some misconceptions about the skin during the program.  Giving special suggestions in view of the festival of Holi, Dr. Vikram said, "We should use organic colors and avoid using chemical dyes. He further said that for the care of dry and dehydrated skin due to strong sunlight in summer, the intake of tea, coffee, and hot spicy food should be reduced.

On this occasion, Miss. India 2021 First RunnerUp Miss. Aarti Chhangra said, "Women are emerging as successful personalities with the help of family and society. Aarti emphasized the need to provide opportunities and support the women to move forward.