Ghana students celebrate 64th Independence Day at Chandigarh University

Ghana was the first sub-Saharan country to win independence in 1957

Chandigarh University students of Ghana origin celebrated their 64th Independence Day at the university campus with great enthusiasm and patriotism. During the celebration, the Ghana students exhibit their culture to show honor and respect to their nation. It was in the year 1957, Ghana got independence from the British colonial Rule with great struggle and sacrifice. Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to get independence. More than 300 students from various countries of Africa are currently studying at the Chandigarh University and most of the students are from Ghana.

On this occasion students from Ghana, Nepal, Afghanistan, and other African countries presented various Musical and Cultural performances. Fahd, a student of  Ghana and student of Computer Science Engineering said, “ Ghana was called the "Gold Coast" by colonial powers due to its vast gold reserves; Ghana stayed a British colony for almost 100 years”. Another student Daniel Okyere of the Pharmacy department said, “ Indian education system is world-class and economical for the students so most of the students from Africa choose India to pursue their higher education”.