Chandigarh University Rangla Punjab campaign kicks off

A campaign to bring colors and joy in the life of poor and needy people "Rangla Punjab" has been kicked-off by the volunteers of Chandigarh University. Under the campaign, Chandigarh University offers to renovate the homes of poor people especially physically challenged who are leading a tough life and can barely meet their basic necessities. Team Chandigarh University also provided basic furniture which includes wooden beds, almirah, chairs & tables under the Rangla Punjab campaign. Currently the campaign is being run at the neighbourhood 6 villages which have been adopted by the University.    

The first beneficiary under the campaign, Gurpreet Singh a resident of Gharuan Village is physically challenged person who lost his leg during a road accident in 2015. Gurpreet was a truck driver and had met with an accident while he was on his way to Kanpur and later on life has been tough as he was the only earning member to support his family which has 9 members. "I am leading a very tough life and facing economic challenges everyday. My father is also undergoing treatment in hospital for fractured hand & shoulder" said Gurpreet. He further added that, "My brother works as a daily wager at a construction site and it is very difficult to meet the daily needs of the family. Although our house was completely in doldrums which leaks in every rain, I could not arrange money to repair my home under such circumstances".

Chandigarh University team repaired, renovated and white washed the home of Gurpreet Singh and in addition furniture worth Rs. 30,000 was arranged for the family under the newly launched campaign. It is important to mention here that Chandigarh University is running various activities under the ISR (Institutional Social Responsibility) in the 6 villages namely Gharuan, Batta, Mankheri, Mamupur, Roorkee Pukta and Madouli.