Chandigarh University organizes 10th National Youth Summit, Evoke-2022

 National Youth Day: Chandigarh University organizes 10th National Youth Summit, Evoke-2022


Youth must embrace technology, but respecting the significance of 5000-year-old culture and heritage important too: Yogendra Chaudhary


Change makers from Bureaucracy, Media, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Social Service, and Sports share thoughts on ‘Gen Z’s Perception of Modernisation’


CHANDIGARH: In a truly modern and progressive society, the youth must move forward with the adoption of technology but will also understand and respect the importance of the 5000-year-old culture and heritage of the country, said Yogendra Chaudhary, Principal Secretary, Department of Foreign Cooperation, Government of Haryana. He was speaking at the 10th National Youth Conference 'EVOKE-2022: National Youth Summit', organized by Chandigarh University, Gharuan, on the eve of National Youth Day, dedicated to the 159th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

During the conference, personalities from the fields of bureaucracy, media, entertainment, entrepreneurship, sports and social service shared their valuable views on the topic: Gen Z’s Perception of Modernisation. Besides Yogendra Chaudhary, who was chief guest on the occasion, famous actress and singer Sara Gurpal, Managing Director, PC Snehal Group, Chiranjeev Patel, IAS officer and Honorary Advisor to BRICS CCI, Abhishek Singh, Olympian and Arjuna Award winning Indian boxer Manoj Kumar, Senior Journalist and Editor ABP Ganga, Rohit Sawal were the keynote speakers. RJ Megha from 92.7 Big FM moderated the summit while Pro-Chancellor, Chandigarh University, DR RS Bawa was also present.

Speaking on the occasion, Yogendra Chaudhary said that youth are the future of any nation, who contribute immensely in nation building through their talents, ideas and skills.

“We can proudly say that India has a bigger youth force than USA, China, or Canada, accounting for 60% of the total population. It is thus very important that we empower our youth in all the right ways as failure to do so could lead the youth to deviate from their right path,” said, Chaudhary and termed education as the main source of empowerment of the young generation.

“Like the United States of America, India too needs to encourage the youth towards IT, research and innovation. However, that must not come at the cost of neglect of our centuries-long ethos and values. In a truly modern and progressive society, the youth must move forward with the adoption of technology but will also understand and respect the importance of the 5000-year-old culture and heritage of the country,” the chief guest said.

Exhorting the youth to stay the course in their pursuit of life, international boxer Manoj Kumar said that any shortcut to success can only last for a short while and it is only the natural, that will last the entire course. “Some youth today want instant results and benefits, and for this, they walk on the path of drugs and steroids. This is wrong and will only last for a short while. Take the entire course, don’t skip the hard work and you will reap the long-term benefits,” said the Arjuna Awardee.

He urged the youth distracted in the name of modernization to stay rooted to their parents, Guru, culture and values, asserting that this will help them find the right way.

IAS officer, Abhishek Singh emphasized that the Gen Z of India was making a mark on the global mark and will continue to do so in the decades to come.

“The Youth, I believe, must do all it wants to. One’s heart should be free to do whatever they want to and one’s mind should be strong enough to execute all their heart wants to do. This is the true modernization, I believe.  Of course, one’s methods and ways should be right. Also, seeking guidance from others doesn’t make one any lesser modern,” noted Singh, also the Honorary Advisor to BRICS CCI.

Noted Entrepreneur and Managing Director, PC Snehal Group, Chiranjiv Patel said that India is a sea of opportunities and has arrived truly on the global map. “It is heartening to see the efforts the government is making in different sectors, empowering its citizens and particularly the youth. We started a bit late, but these revolutionary works done by government in past have established us on the world map. India is our collaborative effort and the youth today need to come together and provide a collaborative push to the country’s journey,” he said.

Actress and singer, Sara Gurpal that the only thing limiting the youth of this country are the youth themselves. “The only problem I find with today’s youth is that they are wasting a lot of their time and energy on things and subjects which don’t really matter like social media, dating or even copying others to appear cool. The youth needs to look beyond these insignificant things and focus on greater joy and duties of the life,” she said.

“The modernization has to be internal as well. The youth of India is amazing, it must do all it wants to but it should also know their responsibilities. The parents and elders also have the duty to guide and inspire the youth,” Sara added.

Senior Journalist and Editor, ABP Ganga, Rohit Saval said that the youth must evolve and sharpen its wits, especially to differentiate between good and bad. “Be it cinema, news or even social media, there is good and there is bad. The modern youth must ensure that it makes the right choice, that it filters out the bad and chooses the good,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Pro-Chancellor, Chandigarh University Dr. RS Bawa said that the aim of the varsity has been to make the students aware of the need for good nation building and social responsibility through periodic discussions, seminars, workshops.

“Today, as we pay tribute to the most extraordinary philosopher, Swami Vivekanand, this summit was an attempt to spread awareness and learn from personal and professional experiences of the change makers, about how the youth should be encouraged and guided so that they can contribute to the country’s development,” said Dr Bawa.



PHOTO CAPTION: Change-makers from different spheres of life, sharing their thoughts during the 'EVOKE-2022: National Youth Summit', organized by Chandigarh University, Gharuan.