International Book Fest

 Chandigarh University Organises Two–Day International Book Fest

 For providing a rich collection of books, Chandigarh University organized International Book Fest, 2023. The two-day book fest witnessed the huge participation of books-loving students. This International Book Fest attracted large crowd of authors, publishers and readers, and book enthusiasts. With a collection of more than 40000+ books, brought up by 50+ leading publishers. The international Book Fest saw an amalgamation of books from multiple fields like engineering to Architecture, Photography to National Geographic Collection. The Fest was organized by Dr.R.S Bawa, Pro-Chancellor of Chandigarh University. While speaking on the occasion Dr. R.S Bawa said “Books are the source of knowledge and widen the thought by reading authors. In a generation of digital media, students shall not take away their minds from the books and should continue to read books”.