Chandigarh University's Skyhawks Soar High at Droneverse Competition

Despite stiff competition from 10 other teams, the Skyhawks soared to victory, securing the coveted 1st position in Drone Flying & 3rd in Poster Presentation.

droneverse competition pec chandigarh

Chandigarh: In a display of remarkable skill and innovation, Chandigarh University's team of budding Aerospace Engineers, Skyhawks, left an indelible mark at the recent Droneverse competition hosted by Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. Participating in both the Drone Flying (Rotary Wing) and Poster Presentation categories, the team clinched top honors, showcasing their prowess in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and cutting-edge technology.

The Drone Flying competition, jointly organised by the Aerospace Engineering Department (PEC, Chd) and the Aeronautical Society of India (Chandigarh Branch), presented a rigorous challenge, focusing on payload drop and autonomous flight – tasks demanding precision and ingenuity. Despite stiff competition from 10 other teams, the Skyhawks soared to victory, securing the coveted 1st position. The stellar performance by CU's Aerospace Engineering Students underscored not only their proficiency in aerial maneuvers but also their technical expertise, reflecting Chandigarh University's commitment to nurturing multidisciplinary skills and fostering excellence.

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The triumphant Drone Flying (Rotary Wing) Team comprised Anant Shah, Sonali Sahni, Abhishek Malhan, Sneha Srivastava, Hrisik Rana, and Himanshu Dogra, whose collaborative effort propelled them to success.

In the Poster Presentation Competition, where innovation met visual storytelling, the Skyhawks once again made their mark. Out of 9 competing teams, they clinched the 3rd position with a captivating presentation centered around their autonomous drone project. Led by Anant Shah, Sneha Srivastava, and Hrisik Rana, the team captivated the audience with their ingenuity and creativity.

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This remarkable achievement not only reflects the dedication and hard work of the Skyhawks team but also underscores Chandigarh University's consistent efforts to equip students with the latest skills and knowledge in emerging technologies. By providing opportunities for hands-on experience and encouraging innovation, Chandiga  rh University continues to empower its students to push the boundaries of what's possible in both practical and theoretical domains.

As the Skyhawks continue to soar, their success serves as a testament to the university's commitment to excellence and its mission to produce forward-thinking leaders in the field of technology and beyond. Furthermore, Chandigarh University's ABET-Accredited Aerospace Engineering program and expert industry guidance have also been instrumental in CU's aerospace engineering students' triumph at distinct events on national and international levels.