CU Media Alumni Reunite for World Press Freedom Day Celebration

As World Press Freedom Day was celebrated, this Alumni Meet served as a poignant reminder of the power of media to inform, inspire, and empower.

Media Alumni Meet

Chandigarh University: CU's University Institute of Media Studies (UIMS) recently hosted a momentous Alumni Meet on May 2nd, 2024, dedicated to commemorating World Press Freedom Day. The event, brimming with camaraderie and celebration, provided a vibrant platform for alumni, faculty, and industry stalwarts to reunite, share experiences, and ignite new sparks of inspiration.

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Far more than just a reunion, the Alumni Meet served as a testament to the thriving community and impactful contributions of graduates from the Media Studies Department. Alumni spanning various batches and diverse media channels, including freelancers and startup owners, converged to exchange insights, forge connections, and celebrate their journey in the dynamic field of media.

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Here's a glimpse of some of the distinguished alumni who graced the event with their presence and shared invaluable insights:

CU Media Alumni Meet 2024

Shubham - Team Lead Manager, Praper Media

Nihar Srivastava - Owner, Production House (Freelancer)

Pragati - Anchor cum Content Writer, Wajood

Bhavya Bharti - Anchor, Sky News Global

Manika Joshi - Brand Manager, Digitalize Me

Akanksha Bhuguna - HR of PR Department, Gleuhr

Ritesh Rajan - Event and PR Manager, Municipal Corporation

Shaurya - Event Manager, Belief

Mansi Singh - Content Writer, EYP Creations

Naiya Gupta - Anchor cum Content Writer, Chandigarh University

Shubhankar Ghoshal - Owner, Kimoha Tech

Akhil Arora - Exclusive Artist, Open Box Entertainment

Aman - PRO, Haryana State Government

Jasleen Kaur Gulati - Assistant Producer, Jus TV

Jayveer Singh - Anchor, NDTV

Kamaldeep Singh - Special Correspondent, Zee Punjab, Haryana, Punjab

Vanshika Verma - Social Media Manager, Odigio Careers and Noetbook Media

Nikita Arora - Content Creator, Partners Advertising Agency

Anamika Singh - Model (Freelancer)

Dakshayani Tiwari - Advertising & Brand Communication Manager, Digitalize Me

Mohit Rana - News Producer, Daily Post

Amrit Pal - News Anchor, PTC

Rupali - News Anchor, Gulistan News

Cu Media alumni reunion

From leading media outlets to budding startups, each alumna/us shared their unique journey and perspective, enriching the collective experience of all present. Discussions ranged from emerging trends in media to the challenges and opportunities that shape the industry's landscape.

CU Media Alumni Meet 2024

As World Press Freedom Day was celebrated, this Alumni Meet served as a poignant reminder of the power of media to inform, inspire, and empower. Through their diverse roles and endeavors, Chandigarh University's Media Studies alumni continue to champion the spirit of press freedom, driving positive change and shaping the narrative of our times.

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In the spirit of solidarity and collaboration, the event concluded with renewed vows to uphold journalistic integrity, foster innovation, and amplify voices that strive for truth and justice. As these alumni continue to make waves in the media industry, their alma mater stands proud, a beacon of excellence and a testament to the transformative power of education.