Nursing Symposium Unveils Economic Power of Care

The seminar aimed to raise nursing students' awareness of their future responsibilities, boost morale, and recognize their outstanding work and achievements.

Vivek Atray at Chandigarh University seminar industry session

CU CampusIn a celebration of the invaluable contribution of nurses to society, Chandigarh University's University Institute of Nursing recently organized a captivating seminar titled "Our Nurses, Our Future - The Economic Power of Care." This remarkable event aimed to highlight the pivotal role of nurses in shaping the future while shedding light on the economic significance of compassionate care.

Nursing seminar at CU chandigarh vivek atray
The seminar was not only a platform for intellectual discourse but also marked a significant milestone as it inaugurated student participation in the Student Nurses Association (SNA) and TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India). Distinguished guests added to the event's prestige, including Mr. Vivek Atray, Ex-IAS, Keynote TEDx Motivational Leadership Speaker, Independent Advisor & Mentor, and Dr. Prabhjot Saini, Chairperson of Education Committee, Punjab State.

Nursing seminar at CU chandigarh vivek atray
Beyond its ceremonial aspects, the seminar had a profound objective: to raise awareness among nursing students about their future professional responsibilities, boost their morale, and acknowledge their exemplary work and achievements. Through insightful discussions and engaging presentations, students gained valuable insights into their role in healthcare and society.

Eventually, the dedication and hard work of Chandigarh University's nursing students and faculty in making this seminar a resounding success was applauded, while their commitment to excellence, compassion and their contributions to shaping the future of healthcare were appreciated.