Rising Stars: Meet CU Athletes Heading to Paris 2024 Olympics

Chandigarh — In an exciting development for sports enthusiasts, eight talented university athletes have secured their spots for the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics in Paris 2024. This diverse group of athletes, each excelling in their respective fields, showcases the potential and hard work of young sportspeople across the country. Let's dive into their stories and achievements.

india's top players in paris olympics 2024 cu students chandigarh university

  • Shooting Sensation - Arjun Babuta: His remarkable prowess in shooting has earned him a spot to represent the nation on the grand stage. Arjun's precision and consistency have made him a formidable competitor in the shooting arena.
Arjun Babuta Shooter CU Student in Olympics
Arjun Babuta

  • Athletic Marvel - Akashdeep Singh: With sheer determination and hard work, Akashdeep has carved his path in athletics, showcasing true sportsmanship. His journey from university track events to the global stage is an inspiration to many.
Akashdeep Singh race walk athelete CU student in olympics paris 2024
Akashdeep Singh

  • Taekwondo Dynamo - Aruna Tanwar: Her exceptional skills and dedication have earned her a place at the Paris Paralympics 2024. Aruna's perseverance and mastery in Taekwondo have positioned her as a key contender in her category.
Aruna Tanwar paris paralympics cu students olympics 2024
Aruna Tanwar

  • Archery Sensation - Bhajan Kaur: Bhajan secured an Olympic individual quota for India by winning gold at the 'Archery in Paris Final Olympic Qualifier' in Antalya, Turkey. Her focus and skill in archery have brought her to the pinnacle of the sport.
Bhajan kaur archery india olympics 2024 paris CU student Chandigarh University
Bhajan Kaur

  • Wrestling Champion - Reetika Hooda: Our CU student and Indian wrestler also qualified for the Paris Olympics. Reetika's strength and technique have been honed through rigorous training, making her a standout in her weight class.
    Indian wrestlers in Olympics Paris 2024 CU Student Chandigarh University Reetika Hooda
    Reetika Hooda

  • Defender Hockey - Sanjay: Our very own star student and Indian Hockey Player, Sanjay, has been selected to represent India in Hockey at the prestigious Paris 2024 Olympics. Sanjay's defensive skills and strategic play have been instrumental in his team's success.
    Sanjay Singh Indian hockey team in olympics results paris 2024
    Sanjay Singh with India's PM Narendra Modi

  • Para-Badminton Star - Palak Kohli: Set to showcase her talent at the Paris Paralympics 2024, Palak's agility and dedication have propelled her to the international stage. Her journey is a testament to her resilience and passion for badminton.
palak kohli in paralympics paris olympics 2024 badminton india team cu student
Palak Kohli

  • Kayaking Prodigy - Yash: Qualifying for the kayaking event in water sports for Paris Olympics 2024, Yash has demonstrated exceptional prowess and endurance in his sport. His rigorous training and commitment have earned him a coveted spot on the Olympic team.
    Indian kayak team canoeing in olympics 2024 paris

As these athletes head to Paris, their stories inspire and excite sports fans across the nation. Their journey from university training grounds to the global stage is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the supportive environments that have nurtured their talents.