Second Edition of CU Scholars' Summit 2024 Celebrates Knowledge and Innovation

Chandigarh: Building on the success of its inaugural edition, Chandigarh University hosted the second edition of the CU Scholars' Summit 2024. The event, held from July 3rd to 6th, brought together a diverse array of students and distinguished luminaries from across the nation, representing a wide range of fields and expertise. The summit was a vibrant celebration of knowledge, culture, and innovation, showcasing an engaging array of insightful sessions, cultural extravaganzas, and thought-provoking discussions.

Cu Scholars Summit - Scholar Summit 2024

The CU Scholars' Summit 2024 featured a stellar lineup of distinguished guests and expert mentors who shared their wealth of knowledge and experience to enlighten and inspire attendees. Among the eminent speakers were:

Cu Scholars Summit - Scholar Summit 2024

- A S Kiran Kumar (Former Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation)

- Joshua David (MD, India Campus Lead, Mphasis Ltd)

- Dilpreet Singh (Chief Advisor HR Policy Association (India) & HR Leader, IBM India)

- Sonal Goel (IAS, Resident Commissioner, Tripura Bhawan, New Delhi)

- Rohit Singla (IRS, Additional Commissioner - GST & Customs)

- Vivek Atray (Former IAS and Motivational Speaker)

- Vivek Agnihotri (Renowned Director, Producer & Writer)

- Gurpreet Ghuggi (Renowned Actor & Comedian)

- Sargun Mehta (Renowned Actor)

- Nikeet Dhillon (Model & Actress)

- Divyansh Rana (Actor & Poet)

Cu Scholars Summit - Scholar Summit 2024 - Sargun Mehta in Chandigarh

One of the key highlights of the summit was the compelling group discussions on crucial agendas. Visionary speakers delved into profound discussions on the future of global academia, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration and innovation in education.

Cu Scholars Summit - Scholar Summit 2024 - Sargun Mehta in Chandigarh

The summit was not only a platform for intellectual exchange but also a cultural celebration. The attendees were treated to an array of cultural performances that highlighted India's rich heritage and vibrant arts. These performances added a unique flavor to the event, making it a holistic experience for all participants.

Cu Scholars Summit - Scholar Summit 2024 - Sargun Mehta in Chandigarh

As the summit concluded, the participants departed with a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of knowledge, ready to contribute to their respective fields and to the broader goal of building a resurgent and innovative India.