Chandigarh University makes India proud at Dance World Cup 2019

Once again Team Chandigarh University makes India proud at Dance World Cup 2019

Lifts 1st runners-up trophy beating teams from 19 countries 

Team from Chandigarh University representing India has once again made country proud by winning the 1st Runners-up trophy at the 12th Edition of the Dance World Cup 2019. In 2018, the university team had lifted the Dance World Cup Trophy for the country. With more than 323 teams from all across the world participated in the Dance World Cup 2019 which was hosted by International Dance Council (CID) at Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The team from Chandigarh University not only lifted the runners-up World Cup Dance Trophy but also won honors for Punjabi Folk Dance Bhangra which was adjudged as the Best Folk Dance during the competition.

Initially 18 teams were shortlisted for the final round of the Dance World Cup 2018 which then competed on the final day of the tournament. The team from England lifted the overall trophy of the Dance World Cup who performed Tap Dance which is characterized by using the sound of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion while the team from USA which performed Salsa dance won third position.  

Sukhvir Kaur, a final year Hotel Management student and captain of the Chandigarh University Team representing India said, “Last year our team had set high standards for us as they have lifted the overall trophy and there was lot of pressure to meet the expectations”. All the team members in our team were performing for the first time and Dance World Cup was a great opportunity as it was a chance to represent the traditional folk dance of Punjab at the International level, added Ramandeep Singh, an animation student and team member. 

Kirat who hails from Rajasthan and student of Law Department said, “Our seniors gave us important tips to perform at the competition and their experience came handy to us in the finals as we enhanced our team coordination which was an important deciding factor to be a winner”. The foreigners were so excited to see our traditional dresses especially the turban worn by boys and the props like Sap, Khunde, Katto (Traditional instruments that are held by the dancers during their performance) and everyone wanted to click pictures with us, said, Amarbir Kaur, another team member.        

“We are happy that we have been able to take our traditional folk dance Bhangra to International level and compete with the best of the talent in the world” said another team member Gurman Kaur who is a 2nd year physiotherapy student in the university. The competition provided us a cross-culture platform where we could promote the richness of Punjabi Culture, she added. 

The foreigners were also very attracted to the props that we were using in our performances and the artists from other countries wanted to learn how to use them, said Gurpreet Singh Mann, coach of the Indian Team.  We have become the only team in the competition who have consecutively won positions in the Dance World Cup organized by International Dance Council, he added.