‘The Art of Living- Yes+’ workshop held at CU to impart practical wisdom & enhance confidence

 The Art of Living Foundation conducted the ‘Yes+ (Youth Empowerment Seminar+)’ workshop, a series of transformative self-development workshops on 19th May in collaboration with the Department of Student Welfare (DSW) of Chandigarh University at its main campus.

Yes+ Workshop aimed at energising the students and imparting a holistic knowledge of world by providing practical tools and techniques to lead a more balanced, joyful, healthy and fulfilling life. It will help students to enhance and build confidence in their skillsets. The workshop also incorporated ancient wisdom and techniques from yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to promote overall well-being, stress reduction, and personal growth among the students.

This healthful workshop was attended by more than 500 students at the university who were awarded the certificate of participation by Prof. (Dr.) RS Bawa, Pro-Chancellor Chandigarh University and Dr. Arvinder Singh Kang, Director Department of Student Welfare at Chandigarh University.

Chandigarh University frequently organizes such events and workshops at the CU campus to provide its vigorous students with skill development opportunities, networking prospects, experiential learning, exposure to diverse perspectives, personal and professional growth, a vibrant campus community, and a platform for knowledge dissemination. This approach of Chandigarh University contributes to an all-round education and better prepares students for their future careers.