23 MBA Students Achieve Prestigious SAS Global Certification

Chandigarh - Chandigarh University is pleased to announce that 23 outstanding students from its MBA program, specializing in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, have successfully earned the prestigious SAS Global Certification in "SAS Visual Business Analytics."

Chandigarh University MBA SAS certification global
This significant accomplishment highlights the university's dedication to delivering high-quality education in cutting-edge technologies. By offering specialized programs in data science and AI, Chandigarh University ensures its students are well-equipped with the essential skills and credentials required to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of data analytics.

"We are immensely proud of our students for their dedication and hard work," a university spokesperson stated. "Their success in obtaining the SAS Global Certification is a testament to their commitment and the high standards of our academic programs."

The SAS Visual Business Analytics certification is recognized globally and is a valuable credential for professionals in the data science and AI industry. It validates the ability to analyze data, create reports, and make data-driven decisions, enhancing the students' employability and career prospects.

Chandigarh University extends its heartfelt congratulations to these students for their remarkable achievement and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.