CSE Students Selected as Ambassadors for IEEE WIE Day 2024

Chandigarh University students Mugdhi Saxena (BE-CSE AIML), Divyansh Agarwal (BE-CSE), and Riya Singh (BE-CSE AIML) have been selected as ambassadors for IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) Day 2024. This recognition comes as part of the IEEE's initiative to promote greater involvement of women in AI and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies.


IEEE WIE Day 2024, themed "Engaging More Women in AI and 4IR Technologies," will be celebrated from June 23 to July 12. This event aims to encourage innovation and support future leaders in these rapidly evolving fields.

The selection of these students as ambassadors highlights their academic achievements and commitment to advancing technology. Their roles will involve promoting the event's themes and encouraging participation in AI and 4IR technological advancements.

This announcement underscores the ongoing efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in technology, aligning with global movements to ensure broader representation in STEM fields. The involvement of Saxena, Agarwal, and Singh will contribute to these goals, inspiring more women to pursue careers in AI and 4IR technologies.