Young Entrepreneur Balances Studies and Startups: A Success Story from Chandigarh University

 A young entrepreneur’s journey that began in 10th grade with a passion for creating websites and apps has evolved into a successful career marked by significant achievements in the digital world. Charging just 100-200 rupees for his early projects, he was keen to apply his web development skills practically and help others establish their online presence.

CU Student start-up at Chandigarh University Dream11

As he delved deeper into the digital realm, his interests expanded to content creation, particularly in the sports arena. This passion led him to work with prominent companies in India, including Dream11 and Sportskeeda. His work in sports content not only advanced his career but also allowed him to meet many famous cricketers, fulfilling a personal dream.

During his time at Chandigarh University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce, he launched his own sports news website. This venture effectively combined his academic pursuits with his entrepreneurial interests. The university’s supportive environment, which encourages innovation and practical learning, was crucial for his development both personally and professionally.

CU Student start-up at Chandigarh University Dream11
Currently, he is furthering his education with an MBA in Digital Marketing at Chandigarh University, aiming to deepen his understanding of business management. Throughout his MBA, he has received immense support and guidance from his faculty, including Director Dr. Sanjeev Jain, Head of Department Dr. Renu Vij, and Program Leader Sameep Maam. Sameep Maam, in particular, has been exceptionally supportive, providing valuable insights and encouragement at all times.

Chandigarh University has proven to be a nurturing ground not only for academic pursuits but also for real-world business applications. The dynamic and modern educational approaches at the university have significantly enhanced his entrepreneurial capabilities. In December 2023, he expanded his entrepreneurial ventures by starting TricityNewsHub, a news portal focused on providing local news to the Tricity area. This project aims to keep the community informed and connected.

CU Student start-up at Chandigarh University Dream11
His latest endeavor is Zenspire Media, an influencer marketing agency that helps brands connect meaningfully with their audiences. At Zenspire Media, the focus is on creating impactful campaigns through strategic influencer partnerships, drawing on his extensive experience in digital trends and content creation.

Balancing his role at Zenspire Media with his MBA studies, he continuously seeks ways to innovate and enhance the digital marketing landscape. His journey underscores the importance of adapting and evolving in the fast-paced digital world, and he remains excited about the future prospects.