Media Alumnus Sets New National Record in Photography

New Delhi: Chandigarh University has frequently been in the limelight for its pioneering record attempts and achievements. Recently, Archit Sood, an alumnus of the Media Studies program and the owner of Archit Sood Photography, has set a remarkable new benchmark in the field of photography.

national record in photography CU Student indian book of records

Archit Sood has been officially recognized as the youngest photographer to win 79 certificates and six prestigious national and state awards, a distinction claimed by the India Book of Records. His achievement underscores his exceptional skills and contributions to the photography community.

In addition to his national recognition, Archit has garnered numerous state and national level awards, showcasing his technical proficiency and his unique ability to capture the essence of his subjects across various photographic genres, including portraits and landscapes.

This latest accomplishment aligns with Chandigarh University’s history of setting unique records and pushing the boundaries of achievement in various fields.